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Strategic Management of Diversity and Inclusion

Strategy, Implementation and Measurement

For all levels of maturity, we can support your Diversity and Inclusion management and initiatives with specialized consultancy that is based on four pillars and can range from strategic levels to implementation support.


People should be the focus and starting point of Diversity and Inclusion. Based on the corporate experiences of the Diversitera founders, we designed our consultancy to provide a holistic and business vision to increase effectiveness, longevity, but mainly, the sustainability of the results of an inclusive culture:

  • Consideration of the financial impacts: from cost reduction due to less turnover and greater engagement, to an increase in revenue, through a stronger brand, a broader view of the market and better customer relationships.

  • Value chain evaluation: understanding of the ecosystem, from suppliers to customers, balancing aspects inherent to the dynamics of each segment, location and actors involved, from the perspective of Diversity, Inclusion and Respect.

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